Monday, 26 April 2010

Beauty Contests

When I was young, my mother would describe the Miss World contest as the "Fat Stock Show". Being young I did not understand, but I now realise she was teaching me about valuing people for what they are. To her, coming second in such a contest meant much more than if someone came second in a different form of contest, for example a race. Losing a running race could be due to lack of effort, but not winning a Fat Stock prize meant one was a substandard human being. What did this mean for the rest of us? Were we all so ugly that we must be worthless? If only the beautiful people were allowed to be seen naked in photographs or in life, it de-values the rest of us who are not so fortunate. It is also too close to the Nazi ideal. The Nazis believed in mythical, beautiful master race, the Aryans. These were the people to rule the world, others to be subjugated to their will.

Naturism improves your self confidence because it really really does not matter what shape, size, colour or race you are. It does not matter if you have scars or bits missing. What does matter is that you feel free and are accepted for what you are. To non-naturists this may seem a large claim, that removing clothes does have this benefit, but removing clothes also removes most of the social clues, some would say social props, that mark out people's position in life. Try it!